Humidifiers Algonquin

Before you start packing up your humidifier for the summer, find out how humidifiers can help you year round! A Humidifier can be used in the summer months too for several reasons. Humidifiers can help alleviate allergies in the summer and can help with upper respiratory infections. Contact your local HVAC Company for more information or to help you choose the best humidifier for your home.

Benefits of Humidifiers Algonquin

Humidifiers can help improve your overall health throughout the year, they can help alleviate allergies during the summer, and help fight bacteria and viruses that spread fast during the long winter months. Below are some helpful health benefits humidifiers have:

  1. Improves skin- cold, dry air causes dry, dull, and flaky skin. Humidifiers can help prevent dry skin from happening in your home and keep your skin moisturized.
  2. Reduces risk of infections- A humidifier helps prevent sickness because bacteria and viruses do not travel well in moist air
  3. Help sinuses- cold weather can dry out your sinuses. Sleeping with a humidifier can help your sinuses and you’ll wake up more comfortable.
  4. Shortens sickness- humidifiers keep the nose and throat moist during cold months.
  5. Improves sleep- a humidifier helps reduce snoring, which will help give you a better night of sleep.
  6. Helps allergies- during the summer pollen is all over. A humidifier can help alleviate allergies and help your breathing.

Wrong ways to use a humidifier:

Using a humidifier wrong can be worse than not using one. If you do not take care of your humidifier or cleaning the filter, you might be pushing out mold and bacteria into your air. Here are some of the effects that can happen if you do not clean your humidifier:

  • Dirty filter- not cleaning the filters can cause mold, mildew and bacteria to grow inside your humidifier, which get pushed into your home.
  • Wrong humidity levels- if moisture levels get to high, it can cause allergies to worsen.
  • Wrong type of water- if you use tap water vs purified water, minerals from the water will create a white film in your humidifier and have to be cleaned more often.
  • Sitting water- letting the water sit in the machine for days in between uses can cause bacteria to form in the humidifier. If bacteria starts to form you should clean it right away.

Health Humidity Tips:

  • Hydrate- Drink lots of water to keep your skin and mouth hydrated.
  • Seal your home- make sure your home is properly sealed in order to keep out any drafts so you don’t have to keep turning up the heat, causing more dry air.
  • Warm showers- the heat and steam from long hot showers cause your skin to become dry. Taking shorter and warm (not hot) showers can help keep your skin moist.
  • Moisturize- put lotion on your skin everyday during the winter and after every shower you take. Putting on lotion after you shower can help keep the moisture in your skin.

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