Home Heating Systems Crystal Lake

Heating a home is nothing new. Since people started to live in caves having warmth has made a big difference for generations. How we heat our homes has changed a lot over the years, and JM Services knows just what to do. We train our technicians to know how to work fix just about any problem you might have with your home heating system. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there to check the problem.

  • Forced Air
  • Steam Radiant
  • Hydronic (Hot Water Baseboard)
  • Radiant Heat

Forced Air Heating System Crystal Lake

Most modern homes utilize a Forced Air Heating System. These systems work well as the same ducts that transfer heat in the winter, can be utilized to transfer cold air in the summer. This allows the home to utilize a central system to heat and cool the home instead of multiple systems to achieve the same effect. These systems use a furnace to generate the heat, either a gas furnace or an electric furnace.

Advantages of a forced air system

  • Only heating distribution method that can be used for cooling, as well as allowing hot air to travel through them in the winter, cold air can be used to transfer air in the summer.
  • Air may be filtered as it is pulled into the heater allowing for better air quality
  • Air may be humidified or dehumidified. Depending on how dry the winter is or how humid it might be after a spring or fall rain. The moisture that is in the air can be controlled by the system
  • Inexpensive as a furnace can attain a high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

Disadvantages of a Forced Air System

  • Furnace fan can often be heard. Not only in the fact that it can be heard igniting when near the furnace, but the sound can also travel through the air ducts as well.
  • Moving air can distribute allergens as it mixes the newer warmer air with the rooms cooler air
  • Air requires filtration and regular maintenance if installed. An ill-maintained filtration system can also cause more air quality problems for those inside the house.

Radiant Heating System Crystal Lake

Radiant heating is a newer take on boiler heating systems. Like the hydronic heating system, hot water is pumped throughout the house. But instead of pumping the water through pipes around the base of the walls, the hot water is pumped through tubes in the floor. This warms a room by heating up the floor and allowing the heat to rise up, making a cold morning floor a thing of the past. Like Hydronic and Steam systems, a boiler is used to warm the water then transfers the water throughout the system.

Radiant Heating system Advantages

  • Comfortable, even heat that makes walking on a hard floor barefoot or in socks more enjoyable as well.
  • Boilers can be energy efficient allowing you to save on energy costs.

Radiant Heating system Disadvantages

  • Like Hydronic systems the material surrounding the system must be warmed up first, meaning that the ambient room air is the last to be heated.
  • Because a Radiant heating system must be installed under a floor, the installation has to be during construction to be the most cost-effective. Otherwise, the entire floor would need to be removed and replaced to install the system.
  • Also due to the fact that they are installed in floors if there is a problem with the heating system that is not with the boiler, workers will have to dig into the floors to discover where the problem is.
  • Air conditioning requires a separate ductwork distribution and cooling system.

Steam Radiator Heating System Crystal Lake

The first major innovation since the fireplace over the fire pit was the steam radiant heating system. This is often seen in older homes as the coils of metal pipes at the side of the wall. Often used by owners to not only heat the room but shoes and towels as well. These systems work by using a gas, electric, oil, or propane boiler to heat the water into steam, and then transferring the steam throughout the house via pipework.

Steam Radiator Advantages

  • Warms spaces quickly and efficiently as the radiator heats up quickly from the steam and each unit has its own control allowing for a more custom room heating touch.
  • Older steam radiator systems can easily be converted over to some of the newer hot water systems giving them greater versatility over other heating systems.

Steam Radiator Disadvantages

  • Radiators can be unsightly and can often stand out because of their size in a room.
  • Radiator locations limit the placement of furniture and other household items as the radiant heat could cause damage to them.
  • Air conditioning requires a separate ductwork distribution and cooling system.

Hydronic Heating System Crystal Lake

These are the more common modern heating systems that are seen; these are mostly seen in businesses. The heating system is a vent track that runs along the length of a wall for different rooms of the house. Similar in functionality to a steam radiator, they are a newer take that utilizes thermodynamics to warm a room. The heat is distributed to the room via fins along the pipe and uses convection to transfer the heat throughout the room without the use of fans or other electronic devices.

Hydronic Heating System Advantages

  • Energy efficient as a central heating reserve keeps water in store at a set temperature that is ready to be distributed throughout the home.
  • Hydronic heating also produces less noise than a gas furnace, but only in the rooms that the heat is being transferred to.
  • Hydronic systems also can regulate the temperature of a room easier. The heat lingers inside the pipes after the system shuts off allowing heat to stay in a room longer.

Hydronic Heating System Disadvantages

  • Baseboard radiator units need to remain unobstructed and can provide challenges in furniture placement and drape design not only for heating purposes, but the radiator units could also damage drapes or furniture that is too close.
  • Due to the fact that the radiators use ambient temperature to circulate the air, when the system turns on it first needs to reheat the elements inside the radiator before heat can be transferred to the room.
  • Air conditioning and quality systems need to be installed as a secondary. The pipe system does not transfer cold as it does heat, requiring either the installation of air ducts for an air conditioning system or wall or window units to be installed.

Heating System Installation  Crystal Lake

All systems have their advantages and drawbacks, but with a reliable company, there are no drawbacks. JM services has been helping people with their heating and cooling needs since 2001. Our policy of service has helped us to not only stay in business but grow over those years as well. Our professional HVAC specialists can help fix any Furnace or boiler problem and can help fix your heating needs.