Furnace Installation Lake in the Hills

Installing a furnace is more difficult than you think. With gas, exhaust, and duct connections are what most people think about, but there are a lot more factors that go into placement. Besides those as mentioned earlier, the distance between the furnace and other equipment like water heaters, appliances, and local codes need to be taken into account. Even proper leveling is necessary as some furnaces come with built-in humidifiers which use water and need to drain properly. JM Services can help you with your furnace installation, and we’ll make sure it gets done right.


Everyone would love to be able to do everything themselves, but the truth is there is not enough time in the day, and no one wants to schedule the time to carry a 250-pound furnace into their home. This is where the furnace experts can help. Freeing up your day so that you can do want, and do all the heaving lifting for you at the same time. So save your back and your day by giving the experts a call. It will also help save your back as our technicians have specialized equipment and techniques that help to make moving the furnace easier, and have more experience doing so.

Furnace Safety

With the gas line hookup and correct piping needed to get rid of the exhaust. Making sure that your home is safe is one of the biggest reasons to have the professionals do it for you. A single leak from either the gas line or the exhaust system can leave you in danger. Correct electrical connection helps to keep you safe as well as a short can put anyone who touches the furnace at risk and has an increased chance of fire as well. So don’t take the risk of the lowest bid or someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.

Building Codes

Anyone that has sold, built, or expanded their home knows how much of a problem building codes are. Usually, building codes are put in place to help keep people safe. Other times it seems like building codes are put in place for no other reason than to make things more difficult. The trained technicians at JM Services know what the latest building codes are and will follow them to make sure that you won’t have a headache later.

Furnace Lake in the Hills

When looking for someone to install your furnace, you need to start with someone with experience. For over 20 years JM Services has been helping the people of Lake in the Hills with their furnace installation and furnace repair needs. Our HVAC technicians have the experience and knowledge to handle any problem that you might have, and our dedication to service and quality means that your furnace will be installed right the first time. So be sure to get the best and call us! You’ll be glad you did.