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Winter in Barrington, Illinois can cause your heating system to act up if not properly maintained. One day it can be snowing and the next day it’s below freezing, to nice weather after that. When the weather is constantly changing, your boiler also has to work constantly in order to keep your home warm. Boiler maintenance can help keep your home comfortable and prevent your boiler from needing expensive repairs. There are some maintenance steps you can follow on your own that will save you money on heating bills. Boiler maintenance also improves the efficiency of your boiler too. If your boiler needs to be repaired or replaced then call the expert technicians at JM Services. Our technicians have over 20 years of experience. They are constantly being trained on all types of makes and models so they are able to help with all of your HVAC services. Keep your home at the ultimate home comfort with JM Services!

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Boiler Maintenance Tips Barrington

Save on your bills this winter and improve your boilers’s efficiency by doing regular maintenance tips. Winter weather in Barrington, Illinois can be rough and nothing is worse then having your boiler stop working during the cold winter months. Maintenance prevention is extremely important and will save you time and money in the long run. Below is a list of maintenance tips you can do on your own to prevent needing repairs on your boiler.

Boiler Maintenance Tips:

  1. Clean Vents – clean the air vents regularly to keep your boiler working efficiently. If your boiler gets blocked by dust and dirt then it will not work properly. Check it regularly for any blockage.
  2. Inspect Radiators – if your radiators have cold spots then you might need to have your radiator looked at by a professional technician.
  3. Seal Leaks – if you notice any leaks, inspect your boiler and make the necessary adjustments. Sometimes you might have to adjust some of the parts or replace old, worn down parts.  
  4. Check Water Levels – it is highly important to check the water levels of your boiler every few weeks. If your boiler is running on little to no water then it can become damaged. If it becomes damaged from running on no water, then it may not be repairable.
  5. Clean Boiler – the boiler gets lots of dust on it and needs to be cleaned fairly often. Inspect your boiler for any dust and clean it as well as you can. The less dust and build-up your boiler has, the more efficient it will work.
  6. Annual Check – have your boiler checked once a year by a professional technician. An experienced technician will be able to check for things you might not know to look for and catch any minor problems right away.

Energy Saving Tips Barrington

During the winter months Barrington residents are constantly running their heaters. Winter is long, cold and makes many people want to stay inside their homes. Having heat running all the time can be expensive. However, if you follow some simple tips you can lower the cost of your heating bills and keep your home warmer.

Winter Energy Saving Tips:

  • Use the sun – during the day keep your curtains open to allow sunlight in When the sun starts to set, close your curtains to keep the heat in.
  • Use ceiling fans – using ceiling fans can help ventilate your home and keep the heat in each room. Have your ceiling fan run clockwise to push the heat down.
  • Use a humidifier – during the winter in Barrington, the air in your home can get dry. A humidifier will help increase the moisture levels in your home.
  • Layer up- wear warm clothes instead of turning the heat up in your home. Another good idea is to leave blankets in some of the rooms of your house to use if you get cold too.
  • Seal all drafts – seal all drafts in your home before the winter months start. 
  • Adjust your thermostat – When you go to bed at night, preset your thermostat to 10 degrees lower for a few hours while you’re sleeping. This will help you save on your heating bills throughout the winter.

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