Air Conditioning West Dundee, Illinois

In West Dundee, Illinois we keep our air conditioners running constantly when it gets hot and rely on them to work all summer long. In order for them to work efficiently it’s important to get them inspected and keep up with routine maintenance. If you notice a problem, get it looked at right away and make the necessary repairs so you don’t get stuck without air on one of the hottest days of the year. If you need air conditioning service contact us today! At JM Services we provide:

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Air Conditioning Maintenance West Dundee

Routine maintenance on your air conditioning system is important and will keep it lasting for many years. Maintenance checks can also help save on the cost of your energy bills because your unit is working more efficiently. Follow these easy steps below in order to keep your air conditioner running for many years:

  • Shut off the power – make sure the power is turned off when doing a maintenance check
  • Remove debris – clean out any debris around the compressor. Removing debris will help prevent it from getting clogged
  • Clean fins – clean the fins on the outside compressor and remove any dirt built up on the inside of it. Using a gentle garden hose will help push out any remaining dirt from the fins. Once the fins are cleaned, push any out of place fins back facing the right direction
  • Clean area around the unit – to keep proper air flow, clean around the unit. Make sure there are no branches, sticks, or leaves two feet surrounding the area
  • Level the unit – over time the soil can become uneven under the unit and cause the system to fail early. Level the unit and fix it if needed
  • Clean the coils – clean the evaporator coil on the inside unit to help prevent mold from growing and causing health issues in your home
  • Change the filter – your air conditioner filter should be changed at least twice a year. Make sure to change it before the heating and cooling season begins

Air Conditioning Inspection West Dundee

Make sure you get your air conditioning inspection done before summer starts. Preventing problems before they become more serious and costly is highly suggested. At JM Services we offer air conditioning inspections and will make sure your system is running smoothly. We will inspect your unit and make the repairs necessary. Call our technicians for an air conditioning inspection today!

Air Conditioning Installation West Dundee

A professional HVAC technician should be the one to install your new air conditioner. A certified technician has many years of experience and will not make any mistakes installing your new unit. If you try installing a new unit on your own without any knowledge then it has a high chance of becoming damaged. A professional technician will also make sure it runs properly and is connected correctly to your thermostat before leaving your West Dundee residence. When choosing a new system, our technicians at JM Services will help find the best air conditioning system for you!

Air Conditioning Repairs West Dundee

It’s important to watch out for warning the signs and get your air conditioner repaired right away before it turns into something more serious. If you hear any loud sounds or notice that your air conditioner isn’t pushing out cold air, call the technicians at JM Services. We offer affordable repair services you can always depend on.

Signs your air conditioner needs repair:

  1. Unusual Smell – unfamiliar smells coming from your air conditioner typically means there is mold growing.
  2. No Cool Air – having no warm air flow out of your vents on a hot summer day in West Dundee, Illinois can be very uncomfortable. If your system is not generating cool air then you usually need your compressor or coolant levels checked out.
  3. Unfamiliar Sounds – Don’t ignore any loud or unusual sounds coming from your unit. If you hear these sounds it could mean that there is a problem with the belt or the motor. Not getting it repaired could cause more problems to happen in the future.
  4. Warm Air Flow – a clogged air duct could be the reason why you have warm air flow coming form your vents. Over time debris can get built up into the air duct and cause it to clog. Little air flow can also be caused by issues with the compressor. If you are struggling with this, call our highly trained and certified technicians to come out and take a look!
  5. Leaks – If there is moisture surrounding your unit then it might mean you have a refrigerant leak, which can be dangerous to everyone living in your home. This problem should be taken care of right away.


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